Author and Artist Sophie Mill Demonstrates the Triumph of the Human Spirit in “The Woman in the Distance”

Worldwide Branding member Sophie MillSophie Mill is an Artist and Author who, at mid-life, has finally found freedom from within. She feels that the necessary journey for her to find herself has been colossal over the years, and although she has been given a second opportunity, her life would be lived exactly the same way. As for her artwork, each original work has evolved from emotional struggles, but the process was glorious and the end product has been much more than the making of a career.

The condition of a mental illness is often traumatic for many people, but whilst writing ‘The Woman in the Distance’ reflections of un-settled seasons, Ms. Mill experienced a tremendous amount of enjoyment to stroll back through the many rambling thoughts, ideas and creativity. This inaugural story is not about defeatism—instead it is about the triumph of the human spirit. It is Ms. Mill’s hope that her honesty will entice one more person to create their own imagination, daydreams, whimsical ideas, and with that also understand that a mental illness can be a hidden treasure rather than something to fear. However, although her creative mind attempts to speak with insight, it is done with shameless emotions attached.

“Art here to can help, for it is an imaginative force that goes ahead of the present and prepares our rational and sensory selves for where nature will eventually lead us” Art as Therapy. Alain de Bottom and John Armstrong. Phaidon Press limited. London (2013).

“To be honest is a difficult feat, however without it, the making of Art would not evolve,” says Ms. Mill. “Art is about being honest, and to hang an art work in a home or office space speaks a language that many recognize but rarely experience. An art work softens the soul and extends its hand of friendship.” De Bottom said, “We often hear that art is meant to be very important, but we’re seldom told exactly why. Art can help us with our most intimate and ordinary dilemmas: why is my work not more satisfying? Why do other people seem to have a more glamorous life? How can I improve my relationship? Why is politics so depressing?” Ms. Mill believes a painting should bring beauty into our lives and that it should enhance and evoke the best of emotions within us. She feels that simplicity today needs to be taught in the information age. For her, it’s a great shame that people are led to believe that day dreaming is somewhat ‘uncool.’ She thinks that to view a painting is the start of learning how to be simply and happily connected to beauty.

Sophie MillMs. Mill does not separate herself from her peers and other professionals, she simply enjoys the act of painting and writing. She enjoys the purity of first languages, both these languages easefully cross every culture, religion and country boarder. For her, that inclusive quality is what every human on earth craves- to be included, to be understood, and to be recognized.

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One comment on “Author and Artist Sophie Mill Demonstrates the Triumph of the Human Spirit in “The Woman in the Distance”

  1. sophie mill artist and author of 'The Woman in the Distance' reflections of un-settled seasons on said:

    I shall look forward to hearing from those who need a few more answers about overcoming hopelessness. I understand very well that the major problem overcoming ‘sadness’ is more than just ‘pulling up your socks’. I am not a silly woman, I understand perfectly that there are people worse off than myself. I understand that there are a billion hungry people on earth. I understand that their are people with trauma’s, situations and circumstances that are worse than mine. I am a feeling, thinking and creative woman therefore, I have empathy and compassion for those around me. For this reason it was very difficult for me to stand up and have the audacity and bad manners to say, ‘I am depressed for no particular reason’. I am embarrassed by that fact. Today, I understand that the brain is complex and I can control my emotions, thoughts, ideas and anxieties to a certain extent until I can no longer hold back the tsunami of the bi-polar traits.

    It could be my ‘grandoise’ ideas, but I feel the path of yoga, mediation and other 15th century ideas only agitate the complexity of a bi-polar brain and not help. Art and writing have been my saviour and at the end of the day I have something to be proud of. If i had done what many of the health guru’s, teachers, therapists and others said; I would have meditated my way through life with nothing to be proud of at the end of the day.

    I believe to overcome ‘sadness, agitation, and excess energy is to ‘add’ more to your life. Not deduct into simplicity.

    I can’t wait to hear what many others say or express. But, please be compassionate to all comments including mine. My idea’s are simply an idea. i do not have medical training. Please understand this is a discussion link only. For all medical advice please visit your family doctor.

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