Winning Selling to Impress the Buyer!

Winning Selling to Impress the Buyer (2)Colour paperback and Kindle available on Amazon – by Tim Ussher

Endorsed by Lord Sugar – businessman, entrepreneur and star of BBC TV show The Apprentice:

“Having personally sat across the table from Tim, I know there is a lot to gain from his advice. I’d encourage anyone in sales to read this straight talking book, written by one of the best purchasing professionals I have come across in business.”

I told Jones to seat the Buyer at the head of the table, not beat the buyer to the head of the table!

I told Jones to seat the Buyer at the head of the table, not beat the buyer to the head of the table!

A refreshingly powerful and concise insight into the mind of the buyer, with no-nonsense tips, tactics and advice on preparation, meetings, understanding the buyer and their drivers, tendering, pitching and negotiating: how to win buyers over, and win business.

A must for all business people, suppliers and salespeople who are trying to win orders from buyers. Written by an award-winning top corporate buyer, purchasing leader and negotiator. With fun, memorable colour cartoons accompanying all the key learning points.

tim ussher corp pic2 (2)Tim has spent his entire career of over thirty years as a ‘buyer’, and as Chief Procurement Officer has led global procurement teams of up to 340 global staff for corporations including Williams security group, BSkyB, Virgin Media, Hilton hotels and Regus office providers.

As an individual consultant he has reviewed and helped establish new or improved procurement functions for the London 2012 Olympics, EMI, Diageo and British American Tobacco.

Tim won the inaugural and prestigious Purchasing and Supply Chain Professional of the Year award from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in 2002, the procurement industry’s top individual award.

…and that concludes my pitch… oh did I run over!

…and that concludes my pitch… oh did I run over!

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Kevin M. Thomson Gives Powerful Insights for Professional Success

Kevin ThomsonKevin M. Thomson is an accomplished CEO of a top communications services provider, and he is also a renowned training consulting author. At the helm of Ways of Work and Wellbeing (WOWW!), Mr. Thomson helps business customers and consumers via a range of branded and bespoke apps, products and services such as the forthcoming Money Mentor Me! – a U.K. based advisory service.

Mr. Thomson is the author of “Emotional Capital: Maximising the Intangible Assets at the Heart of Brand and Business Success,” “The Company Culture Cookbook: 70 easy-to-use recipes to create the right climate inside your business,” and “The Employee Revolution: Rise of Corporate Internal Marketing.” He also won Gold Awards at the New York Film Festival for the British Airways Putting People First staff motivation program and for Action Man as Toy of the Decade Award.

Kevin Thomson - "The Company Culture Cookbook"Mr. Thomson marks the highlights of his career as the publication of his five books with numerous translations into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Italian; this includes “The Employee Revolution,” “Managing Your Internal Customers” and “Passion At Work: Six Secrets for Personal Success.”

To learn more about Kevin Thomson, please visit his LinkedIn page, or Please click here to learn more about the 60 Second Profile Me! app designed by Mr. Thomson and his colleague, Robert Brain, on iTunes.

Find Empowerment with Susan Meitner’s New Book

Susan MeitnerDrawing on two decades of practiced experience in her field, Susan Meitner parlays her knowledge into her position with Centennial Lending Group, LLC, a mortgage banking company. For nearly five years, in her roles as chief executive officer, president and founder, she has overseen the daily operations of the entire company, including the management of 50 employees and 20 loan originators. Ms. Meitner is the author of “Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” which is the story of her career in the mortgage industry and covers the different roadblocks and obstacles she faced to become the success she is today.

“Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” by Susan Meitner

“Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” by Susan Meitner

Prior to joining Centennial, Ms. Meitner met a gentleman who introduced her to a position inside a national mortgage company, where she worked her way up from the bottom. She progressed in such positions as vice president, and eventually senior vice president, all while working as a loan originator. She excels in her field due to a unique blend of her prior industry experiences and educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Art in speech communications from George Mason University. She was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Mortgage Bankers Association. Throughout the course of her notable career, she has won a variety of awards, including the Best of Horsham award in 2009 and 2013. Ms. Meitner has been featured in “Philadelphia Magazine” as a Five-Star Professional for four consecutive years.  Inc. 5000 ranked Susan #3 in their Top Women in Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in 2014. In the same publication, her company was ranked #64 out of 500. She is currently licensed in eight states: PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, FL and CA. Looking toward the future, Ms. Meitner would like to grow along with Centennial Lending Group.

Ms. Meitner’s book, “Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” was released on September 19, 2014 through the website and on the Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes stores. The book was written as a “how-to guide for entrepreneurs,” and features Ms. Meitner’s years of wisdom condensed into one easy-to-read source. According to one of the book’s reviews, “Severe economic shock helps create a dramatic backdrop for this book. The author’s 22-year career is harshly disrupted by the housing and financial meltdown of 2008-09. Indeed, the depths of that economic turmoil coincide with the founding of Meitner’s company, a business based on lessons learned and risky, corner-cutting practices rejected. In building the new firm, Meitner gathered a core sales team and then lost most of it on the eve of start-up. In selecting her top-level manager, she found the nerve to revisit a burned bridge, offer apologies and secure a second-in-command whose traits and experience fit Centennial’s needs perfectly.”

Other reviews include:

“Crazy Lucky Girl is a go-to book for salespeople and managers alike. Sue Meitner shares the story of her journey, the lessons learned, and all her tricks to becoming a successful businessperson and topnotch salesperson. You’ll walk away knowing how to get what you want out of your business and your personal life!”

-Barbara Corcoran, SHARK on ABC hit show SHARK TANK

“Sue Meitner has created the number one book for all loan officers and managers in the mortgage world. Full of humor, warmth, and sage advice on a broad range of subjects from salesmanship to integrity. This is an important work to be read and reread until the pages are dog-eared and fading!  If everyone adhered to Susan Meitner’s principals we would not have created a mortgage crisis!”

-John M. Robbins CMB, Chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association 2007

“Having built several mortgage companies into national powerhouses, I know what it takes. After reading Crazy Lucky Girl, it’s clear Susan Meitner knows the keys as well. If you are looking for success in the mortgage business, look no further -  Read This Book!”

-Jack Daly, Author of Hyper Sales Growth and world renowned sales expert

For additional information regarding Centennial Lending Group, LLC, please visit

Author Renee Marie Smith Provides New Understanding for Real Estate Professionals to Achieve Harmonious and Balanced Work Lives with Book Series

"My Short Sale Guru's Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeowners" by Renee Marie Smith, Esq.Attorney Renee Smith has spent nearly two decades demonstrating her sophisticated skill set and talents within the real estate industry. She recently exhibited her particular savoir faire in real estate as the author of the “My Short Sale Guru’s Guide” book series, which is listed on, as host of Fox29 TV’s 2012 Short Sale Guru Show, and by instructing others at a host of continuing education courses which have been approved in Florida and Nevada since March of 2013, to train short sale agents.

In 2007, Ms. Smith opened her own real estate firm, and in 2009, she founded the statewide title company, Smith & Associates, to be an advocate for dislocated homeowners. She has counseled thousands of short sale participants. She has been a guest speaker at conventions around the country, as well as radio including KLAV 1230am radio’s four-part short sale seminar in Las Vegas. She is nationally published by numerous magazines and blogs including NAWRB’s “N”, Palm Beach Woman, and Women’s Council of Realtors PB quarterly. Ms. Smith was awarded the 2012 NAWRB Business Development Award and was invited to be on NAWRB’s Board of Directors for 2013.

"My Short Sale Guru's Guide for Real Estate Professionals To Empower and Invigorate Sales" by Renee Marie Smith, Esq.As president of the company, Ms. Smith works collaboratively with title companies, banks, and law firms to negotiate deeds and contracts for clients. With a breadth of knowledge and personal experience in short sales, she also authored two books through Guru Publishing Incorporated. Her books are entitled “My Short Sale Guru Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeowners” and “Short Sale Guru Guide for Real Estate Professionals.” Drawing on her own mistakes and personal mishaps with real estate purchases, Ms. Smith also serves as a motivational speaker for prospective home owners and real estate agents. She aims to enable them to become comfortable in their decisions and, to gain insight as to which questions to ask. An expert in real estate law, she also assists clients in making good financial choices during the home buying process. In the coming years, Ms. Smith plans to expand her title business, release a new book, develop her public speaking format, and gain new business opportunities and relationships.

Ms. Smith is a member of Women’s Council of Realtors for Palm Beach County, a member of the Florida Bar Association, and a board chair for the National Association of Women Real Estate Brokers (NAWRB). In her free time, she enjoys writing and traveling.

Ms. Smith is shaping the short sale landscape and we expect to see her influence on the national estate industry to continue to increase.

For more information about Smith & Associates, Incorporated, visit Ms. Smith can also be reached via Twitter @mygurupublishes or @smithtitle.

Please click here if you are interested in learning more about Renee Marie Smith, Esq.

Terry Burke Maxwell Publishes Winning Works through Maxwell Group Publishing

Terry Burke MaxwellTerry Burke Maxwell is an Author and Head Publisher at the helm of Maxwell Group Publishing. Mrs. Maxwell has almost 45 years of professional experience in the fields of elementary education, publishing and computer use. While collaborating with superior authors she developed and produced instructional materials. The Maxwell Group followed years of editorial work and free-lance writing of educational supplements. The basic math workbooks and the computer resource of curriculum activities showed her insistence on excellence as well as her creative ability to adapt known activities into opportunities for learning and using computer skills.

Eye from the Edge by Ruben Llamas was published through Earth Patch Press, a subsidiary of Maxwell Group Publishing

‘Eye from the Edge’ by Ruben Llamas was published through Earth Patch Press, a subsidiary of Maxwell Group Publishing

After publishing educational supplements, Maxwell Group established the imprint Earth Patch Press for trade books. Its first book in 2012 was the hardcover memoir, Eye from the Edge by Ruben Llamas, who shares his San Francisco Bay Area youth and much more. More recently, Earth Patch Press published a marvelously illustrated children’s book for children ages 4 and up. Mrs. Maxwell herself wrote the story, titled Animal Symphony, after a trip to Yellowstone. Earth Patch Press will debut a few more interesting publications in the near future.

Looking back, Mrs. Maxwell attributes her success and her ongoing creative energy to a love for learning, determination, ability to set and achieve goals, and good fortune in having received an excellent foundation from home, school, and early colleagues. The highlight of her career has been her collaboration with three major authors as a writer and editor of an elementary mathematics series published by Addison-Wesley in the 1970s.

SCORE! Super Closers Openers Revisiters and Energizers—Enhanced Results for Face to Face Training

Author and Worldwide Branding Member Adrianne Roggenbuck of Delta Educational Training & Consulting, designs lessons that SCORE!

Author and Worldwide Branding Member Adrianne Roggenbuck, M.Ed. of
Delta Educational Training & Consulting designs lessons that SCORE!

Don’t leave money sitting on the table!

So many trainers open with housekeeping details or close with an off-hand remark about running late. Yet the opening and closing of your workshops are critical training real estate! Time is money and wasting opportunities like this is like leaving money on the table.

"SCORE! Super Closers Openers Revisiters and Energizers" - Co-Authored by Adiranne Roggenbuck, M.Ed.

“SCORE! Super Closers Openers Revisiters and Energizers” – Co-Authored by Adiranne Roggenbuck, M.Ed.

This latest edition of the SCORE! series brings you more than 50 new, never before published exercises for opening your trainings with impact, closing with action planning, revisiting content in ways that increase retention to at least 80 percent, and energizing your learners to ensure they stay fresh and attentive.

Maximize impact in your sessions without starting from scratch! You can immediately use these activities.

You’ll want this book in your library for quick reference, so click the link to order.

SCORE 3 is priced at $29.95 –order your copy now!