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If you are a Worldwide Who’s Who member with expertise in a particular topic, field or profession, we invite you to submit articles for publishing on our Contributing Authors blog. Being featured as a Contributing Author on this resource center will give you added online exposure, which can help you to grow your business and advance in your profession. As a Worldwide Who’s Who® Contributing Author, you will receive:

  • A biography highlighting your areas of expertise, educational background and professional experience.
  • Proofreading services for your work.
  • Links to every article you contribute.
  • Links to your article shared on Worldwide Who’s Who social media including our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Possible feature of your articles in Who’s News, the Worldwide Who’s Who e-newsletter

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to establish yourself as a valuable resource in your industry. To find out if you are eligible, please email with your First Name and Last Name, and “Contributing Author” in the subject field today!

2 comments on “Submit an Article

  1. Caroline Lawrence on said:

    I look froward to submitting an article for you review, thanks!

  2. Kate Montgomery, ND, PKP on said:

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a 7.4 billion dollar industry and growing daily. Workers Comp. and healthcare costs are rising due to this unnecessary surgery. CTS is one of many musculoskeletal disorders that can be evaluated and treated without surgical intervention. A forerunner to CTS is tendonitis – inflammation of the tendons attached to the bones. Every worker is at some point at risk of developing a repetitive strain injury of the arm, wrist and hand. We all have hands. Keeping them healthy, strong and free of pain takes minutes a day.
    Take charge and control of your health and wellbeing.. Begin a preventitive and body maintenance program TODAY!

    Kate is the Author of END YOUR CARPAL TUNNEL PAIN WITHOUT SURGERY…A 15 minute program of self care, prevention and body maintenance. Her book comes as a paperback, ebook and kindle versions. Go to and purchased at

    Any questions, please send me an email.

    Thank you. Have a Blessed and Healthy Day

    Kate wrote one of the first self care books on RSI/CTS in 1992 and is an authority on the subject. She sees clients in Boulder, CO

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