Author Gabrielle Williams Brings In High Ratings on Goodreads for “The Guy, The Girl, the Artist and His Ex”

Gabrielle WilliamsGabrielle Williams has been receiving tons of praise for her latest novel, “The Guy, The Girl, the Artist and His Ex,” a stylish, sharp and sassy take on love, life, and fine art. Released in April of 2015, the story has been receiving widespread acclaim from its readers and book critics, as it offers an interesting perspective from each of its imperfect characters, and is described as a “must-read” by a five-star rater on

More about “The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex” from Goodreads:

A rock chick.

An artist with attitude.

A girl with a past.

A party animal.

Four lives collide when one of the world’s most famous paintings is stolen. It’s a mystery that has the nation talking, but while Picasso’s Weeping Woman might be absent from the walls of the National Gallery, in other parts of Melbourne the controversial painting’s presence is being felt by Guy, Rafi, Luke and Penny for four very different reasons.

Life, love, art and one giant party intersect in this offbeat comedy about good intentions, unexpected consequences and the irresistible force of true love.

Gabrielle Williams BookAlthough Ms. Williams didn’t complete her education at school, her career is proof that an academic path isn’t the only route to success. She has an impatience about her, which has helped to spark an innovative flame and inspired her to write some of her most pioneering works. She is more interested in getting out there and pursuing her dreams than learning about someone else pursuing theirs. Her personality type is incredibly individualistic, and she doesn’t like doing things the way everyone else does them– she is a firm advocate of taking the road less traveled. Her latest book, ‘The Guy The Girl The Artist & His Ex’, was inspired by the real life theft of one of Picasso’s most famous paintings – The Weeping Woman. In order to achieve an authentic tone throughout the novel, Ms. Williams spent a great deal of time researching the 1980s, art fraud, art forgers and Picasso. She is grateful to have a fantastically supportive husband, as well as excellent friends. When Ms. Williams is writing a book, she goes the extra mile to ensure that the information she includes in the book is accurate for the setting. Her last two books were set in the 1980s, and she did a lot of research to understand current events and incorporate them into the overall tone of the novels. After completing her research, she sits down to write, type her ideas and work on the finished publication.

Ms. Williams has been shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards in Australia, and is interested in increasing her connections. She is also interested in traveling for her work and speaking publicly about how to use humour to hook teenagers in to reading, a subject she is quite passionate about. Her novel, “Beatle Meets Destiny,” was shortlisted for two literary awards in 2010. Her second book was shortlisted for the Gold Inky Award. “Beatle Meets Destiny” was voted as one of the top 50 reads of 2010.

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Alison Clarke, Artist and Writer, Authors ‘The Adventures Of Eli The Elephant,’ Eli Goes To The Moon,’ and ‘Eena’

'Eena' by Alison ClarkeMy name is Alison Clarke, and I’m a writer, artist, and teacher. I have published two kids’ books, The Adventures Of Eli The Elephant, and Eli Goes To The Moon. Now, I’m making my way toward an older audience. My e-book Eena is for young adults and the adult market. Distinguished by the voices of high school students now going to college, it’s a departure from my kids’ books beginnings. Having the characteristics of magic, fantasy, the genre of steampunk, and harkening back to the medieval tales of yore, I’m excited about this new venture. Steampunk is a genre where you take a Victorian technology like steam, and put it into a futuristic context. It’s available at, and by clicking here, you will find a free sample of the short story.

Eena can also be purchased on

I am proud of this accomplishment, as it is a lot of work to put together.

Card designed by Alison Clarke

Card designed by Alison Clarke

Visual art is another of my callings. I have done art shows such as the University Of Alberta’s Health Humanities exhibit, African Arts Day, Art From The Unknown, and The Black History Art Show. Whether it’s literary or visual art, I think it’s important to have people of colour portrayed. When I was young, there weren’t many kids’ or teen books with black characters. When I started reading books for adults, I still found that lacking until I started reading books by Alice Walker and Toni Morrison. I have chosen to write in the area of fantasy, because you can create your own worlds, be enlightened, as well as being entertained. As a child, I often found myself entering different worlds through reading. The library was my portal to different realms. Not much has changed. I still feel that way when I read a book.

Worldwide Branding Member Alison Clarke

Worldwide Branding Member Alison Clarke

Teaching is another area that I am involved in. Through Alberta Health Services, I teach creative writing classes, as well as one art class. Teaching is something that I find rewarding, and it’s a good way to give back, as well as being a fulfilling job.

I’m also working on a Master’s degree in Children’s literature. I enjoy learning, and it’s something that I will do for life–whether it’s in or out of the classroom. Whether I’m writing, painting, reading, or teaching, I am involved in something that I am passionate about. It’s important, as women, to go for our dreams. As a person who was raised in Alberta, who every day sees beauty in nature, I find it easy to be passionate about life. I think everyone should see the beauty in every day. Every day, I find joy, and I think that as human beings we should strive to do so.

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Author and Artist Sophie Mill Demonstrates the Triumph of the Human Spirit in “The Woman in the Distance”

Worldwide Branding member Sophie MillSophie Mill is an Artist and Author who, at mid-life, has finally found freedom from within. She feels that the necessary journey for her to find herself has been colossal over the years, and although she has been given a second opportunity, her life would be lived exactly the same way. As for her artwork, each original work has evolved from emotional struggles, but the process was glorious and the end product has been much more than the making of a career.

The condition of a mental illness is often traumatic for many people, but whilst writing ‘The Woman in the Distance’ reflections of un-settled seasons, Ms. Mill experienced a tremendous amount of enjoyment to stroll back through the many rambling thoughts, ideas and creativity. This inaugural story is not about defeatism—instead it is about the triumph of the human spirit. It is Ms. Mill’s hope that her honesty will entice one more person to create their own imagination, daydreams, whimsical ideas, and with that also understand that a mental illness can be a hidden treasure rather than something to fear. However, although her creative mind attempts to speak with insight, it is done with shameless emotions attached.

“Art here to can help, for it is an imaginative force that goes ahead of the present and prepares our rational and sensory selves for where nature will eventually lead us” Art as Therapy. Alain de Bottom and John Armstrong. Phaidon Press limited. London (2013).

“To be honest is a difficult feat, however without it, the making of Art would not evolve,” says Ms. Mill. “Art is about being honest, and to hang an art work in a home or office space speaks a language that many recognize but rarely experience. An art work softens the soul and extends its hand of friendship.” De Bottom said, “We often hear that art is meant to be very important, but we’re seldom told exactly why. Art can help us with our most intimate and ordinary dilemmas: why is my work not more satisfying? Why do other people seem to have a more glamorous life? How can I improve my relationship? Why is politics so depressing?” Ms. Mill believes a painting should bring beauty into our lives and that it should enhance and evoke the best of emotions within us. She feels that simplicity today needs to be taught in the information age. For her, it’s a great shame that people are led to believe that day dreaming is somewhat ‘uncool.’ She thinks that to view a painting is the start of learning how to be simply and happily connected to beauty.

Sophie MillMs. Mill does not separate herself from her peers and other professionals, she simply enjoys the act of painting and writing. She enjoys the purity of first languages, both these languages easefully cross every culture, religion and country boarder. For her, that inclusive quality is what every human on earth craves- to be included, to be understood, and to be recognized.

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Ed Kleinman Details Experiences with Rhinoceros, Blood Sweat & Tears, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono in New Memoir

Author Ed Kleinman in Lithuania

Author and Worldwide Branding Member Ed Kleinman in Lithuania

In his new book, “Joint Venture… A Backstage Rock and Roll Journey,” Ed Kleinman details his remarkable encounters with blossoming talents that would soon become household names, during his early days in the music industry. His gripping new book depicts his own self-history, and with it, intertwines a bit of history about some contemporary rock bands and critically acclaimed musicians. He also details how his experiences led him to establish a renowned entertainment management company.


PROLOGUE. . . the beginning

One tells a story of days gone by. A flash of your history, a snapshot of an instant. Be it a minute, an hour, a day, or a year, it matters none. Something jogs your brain cells where past history is stored. You smile, and you think you have something worth telling.

My story is about my 18 years in the music industry, from 1966 to 1984…from starting as a part-time roadie making just enough money to buy cigarettes and put gas into my car…to being able to hang out with musicians and tell lovely young ladies, “I’m with the band. Ya wanna meet one of ‘em?”…to forming my own entertainment management company…until eventually leaving the business world of rock and roll.

Those years, especially my early years, brought a great deal of change to the music world and to all corners of society. It was the 1960s, the youth movement was stirring, and we all felt it. As young people, we felt freer than our parents ever had, so we took advantage of it. And the music played on. We fought for equality for all, we protested the Vietnam War, and we marched. The music got stronger, too — more political, more active in supporting change. No wonder the Grateful Dead came to sing, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

Joint Venture… A Backstage Rock and Roll Journey

“Joint Venture… A Backstage Rock and Roll Journey,” by Ed Kleinman

Lucky for me, I was there for all of it. In fact, I was often on the inside, looking out — but not from the stage. I worked behind the music scenes, playing my part to make it happen.

What I never did was ask for autographs. That was a very big NO if you were working with any bands or even simply hanging out with the musicians or artists. The other thing I didn’t do during those years — but probably should have — was keep a journal.

Still, since that time, in these past 20 years, what I learned working in the music industry has helped me further my career in my sales force development role. I’d also like to think that I’m still learning, still rockin’, still helping others. What the future brings, we shall see. Where the present generation goes remains to be seen. I hope it’s good, good for all, good for the world.

So where do I begin?

A few years ago, over shots of tequila, my friends Lee Boot and Rush Burkhardt urged me to put my memories, my experiences down on paper before I grew too old to even remember who I am. So I started a journal on December 26, 2006, in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Here, in these pages, I relive my rock and roll journey, recalled as best I can. This is the way I saw it, and now I invite you to come along.

*Ed Kleinman’s book is available on, and It is available as an eBook, or as a hard copy or soft copy.

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