Winning Selling to Impress the Buyer!

Winning Selling to Impress the Buyer (2)Colour paperback and Kindle available on Amazon – by Tim Ussher

Endorsed by Lord Sugar – businessman, entrepreneur and star of BBC TV show The Apprentice:

“Having personally sat across the table from Tim, I know there is a lot to gain from his advice. I’d encourage anyone in sales to read this straight talking book, written by one of the best purchasing professionals I have come across in business.”

I told Jones to seat the Buyer at the head of the table, not beat the buyer to the head of the table!

I told Jones to seat the Buyer at the head of the table, not beat the buyer to the head of the table!

A refreshingly powerful and concise insight into the mind of the buyer, with no-nonsense tips, tactics and advice on preparation, meetings, understanding the buyer and their drivers, tendering, pitching and negotiating: how to win buyers over, and win business.

A must for all business people, suppliers and salespeople who are trying to win orders from buyers. Written by an award-winning top corporate buyer, purchasing leader and negotiator. With fun, memorable colour cartoons accompanying all the key learning points.

tim ussher corp pic2 (2)Tim has spent his entire career of over thirty years as a ‘buyer’, and as Chief Procurement Officer has led global procurement teams of up to 340 global staff for corporations including Williams security group, BSkyB, Virgin Media, Hilton hotels and Regus office providers.

As an individual consultant he has reviewed and helped establish new or improved procurement functions for the London 2012 Olympics, EMI, Diageo and British American Tobacco.

Tim won the inaugural and prestigious Purchasing and Supply Chain Professional of the Year award from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply in 2002, the procurement industry’s top individual award.

…and that concludes my pitch… oh did I run over!

…and that concludes my pitch… oh did I run over!

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Sue J. Clark Blazes New Paths for Dreamers and Achievers, Fulfilling Multiple Capacities including Memoirist and Book Doctor

Sue J. ClarkSue J. Clark is an accomplished literary professional who received the national award for her book entitled, “Is Anybody Listening: The True Story About the POW/MIAs in the Vietnam War.” She wrote a monthly travel column, “From Here to There,” for the Lincoln News Messenger from 2004 until 2010. In addition, she is the co-publisher of ShortReads Press; its third book, “Ghosts We Have Known,” was published in late 2008. More recently, she finished ghostwriting a nonfiction book, “Broken in II: A Soldier’s Story of Surviving World War II and PTSD.” Also, the second edition of her 2005 book, “Is Anybody Listening?” is now in bookstores.

Sue J. Clark "Is Anybody Listening?"Ms. Clark formed the Poets Club of Lincoln in 2003 and began Lincoln’s first annual poetry contest, Voices of Lincoln, now in its eighth year. She also started Lincoln’s monthly open mic for poets in 2004, which is presented by The Poets Club and sponsored by the Friends of the Lincoln Public Library. Her dedication to personal expression has opened doors for aspiring artists and enabled her to garner a strong reputation in the publishing industry.

Learn more about writer, editor, ghostwriter, poet, memoirist, writing instructor, tutor, agent, consultant and book doctor Sue J. Clark by visiting her website.

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman is a Vocal Pedagogue, Re-Constructionist, and the Author of “The Voice – The Kabbalah of the Voice”

Miriam Jaskierowicz ArmanWith a wealth of knowledge, and professional integrity and standards, Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman has nurtured an abundant skill set over the course of a career that spans nearly four decades in the professional music-making arena. For the past two years, she has expertly served as a vocal pedagogue and re-constructionist for the International Institute of Voice Development, which she founded in Tzfat, Israel. In the years prior, she founded and led the Music Culture/Visions International Inc. for 16 years. In 1999, Ms. Jaskierowicz Arman authored the international best seller, “The Voice: A Spiritual Approach to Singing, Speaking and Communicating,” “Soul Reflections: A Personal Odyssey in Poetry” with a matching CD in 2003, and “Coming Home,” in 2007.

"Coming Home" by Miriam Jaskierowicz ArmanRecently named a Top Female Professional by Worldwide Who’s Who, Ms. Jaskierowicz marks the most gratifying aspect of her career as getting to see the success that her students experience in their occupations and lives because of the work they have done and will do. She also founded The International Academy of Voice and Stage Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of Bel Canto and Giro Vocal Motion Technique. In 2008, she moved to South America, and she published “Autism: A Plausible Cause, A Feasible Cure-An Alternative Viewpoint” in 2009. In looking ahead, Ms. Jaskierowicz Arman hopes to see the ‘Giro Vocal Motion Technique’ as a preferred teaching technique and a methodology for students and teachers of voice production around the world.

Please click here to learn more about Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman’s books.

Ian Prattis Releases “Redemption”

“The Lost Manuscript”

Second Blockbuster Book of 2014

“Redemption” is a story of Awakening and has its own story of emergence. It was a “lost” manuscript, first written in 1975, forgotten until spring 2011. The narrative was vivified and refined with hindsight forty years later. It reads like an extended prose poem reflecting the primal forces of nature and of human nature. Check out the book video:


Callum Mor, the epic main character, takes the reader on a deep Hero’s Journey. It opens with his childhood in the Hebrides, islands off the NW coast of Scotland. He draws wonderful mentors to him; his schoolteacher, who lights the spark of a bard in him, animal friends such as an otter, a brutal fisherman who shields his darkness from the boy as he matures. Callum Mor thrives despite the poverty of his home in an island nurturing with gentle humor and adventure. This novel moves from the rhapsody of Callum Mor’s idyllic childhood through tragedies to the derelict zone of his alcoholic drowning out of pain and suffering…

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Testimonials for Redemption:

Redemption by Ian Prattis“What marks a great work of art is that it touches the heart and soul. Redemption touched mine very deeply. It is so vividly descriptive of both scenery and people, drawing you into the life of Callum Mor, making you cry for him, cheer for him, and wishing you could continue on his journey with him. It is a book to be read over and over again, from which to take away life lessons and inspiration for our own personal journey. This is a book to share with those who touch your life.”

Lucille Hildesheim, International Harp Artiste

“I loved this book, captivating on so many levels, as the story reinforced my resolve. I have three criteria for a good book… I don’t want it to end, I love the end, and I do not wish to speak to anyone for several hours after I finish it. So, this met my criteria on all these levels!”

Mary Helen Dean, Management Professional, Ottawa, Canada

“‘Redemption’ is a riveting novel chronicling one man’s journey through the stages of innocence, darkness, destruction and transformation. The narrative may be applied both individually and universally. Individuals are suffering all over the world from the chaos that life brings, be it violence, abuse of power, cheating, torture or the destruction that comes with war. What is so exquisite about this novel is the tenderness and honesty with which the author deals with the human condition. Callum Mor draws us in as he demonstrates an intuitive understanding and respect for nature. We are intrigued by his innocence and purity which contrast so strongly with the tragic failings that surround him. When Callum Mor’s journey moves him even closer to the abyss, the author refuses to ‘sanitize’ his experiences. Rather, they are put out there as graphically and tragically as they occur. The story pulls you in and before you know it, the reader is seduced and becomes Callum Mor. As he is redeemed, so are we. ‘Redemption’ is so beautifully written, exploring the human condition in its entirety, even the darkest elements. The author does this with grace, elegance, compassion and without judgment.”

Anita Rizvi, Consultant, Ottawa, Canada

“A magical journey of the struggle towards hope, inspiration and love.”

Tina Fedeski, Executive Director of Orkidstra Canada and founder of The Leading Note Foundation.

“Thank you for the gift of your book, Redemption. It is a lovely read. Elegantly sad. We all have a piece of Callum Mor in us. I certainly identified with many aspects of his journey. So thank you for the enjoyable hours reading about this fine human being.”

Jo Anne Denis, retired federal public servant from the Government of Canada.

Press Release for Redemption:

Triumph of the Human Spirit

Inner strength and resilience conquer mental illness and alcoholism

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – According to the Anxiety and Depression Association, nearly 15 million adults suffer from some form of depression. Professor, author, and distinguished scholar, Ian Prattis believes that the power of inner strength can help these wounded souls overcome their worldly crutches.

“The greatest gift one can be given is that of finding one’s true nature,” Prattis said. “The human spirit is resilient and can triumph over tragedy and psychological dependence.”

Prattis’ new novel, “Redemption” is an allegory for depression and life difficulties that he himself once experienced. The novel, which is set off the northwest coast of Scotland, illuminates startling cycles of maturing and downfall experienced by the book’s main character – Callum Mor – a gifted child, master mariner, derelict drunk, who finally gains wisdom from a hard life’s journey. Callum Mor’s character is epic and takes the reader on a deep Hero’s Journey. His failings and misery are ultimately conquered when he saves the life of a young girl and comprehends the fragility and beauty of human existence.

Redemption is a companion to “Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse,” which was also published in 2014.

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By Ian Prattis
Price: $15.99
ISBN: 978-1-4990-1234-7
Available at: Amazon, Xlibris and Barnes & Noble online bookstores

About the Author
Ian Prattis is a poet, Professor Emeritus, founder of Friends for Peace and a spiritual warrior for planetary care and social justice. Ian now lives with his wife Carolyn in the west end of Ottawa where the Pine Gate Meditation Hall is located in the lower level of their home. Since retiring from Carleton University in 2007, he has authored four books on dharma, two on the environment, a legend/autobiographical combo and this novel. He enjoys the freedom to create at his own pace and has yet to discern the ordinary meaning of retirement.


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Ryan Simpson | 317-275-2057 |
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On the website you can also find more information about the book
and the author, Ian Prattis.

Press Releases, Awards and Recognition:

Ian Prattis Failsafe

The Silver Medal was awarded to Failsafe: Saving the Earth from Ourselves in the Nature Conservation category of the Evergreen Medals in the 2014 Living Now Awards.

See the Press Release on

The book is now out of print but I have several boxes of paperback copies of the book. If you wish to obtain one, please use the secure ordering links on the books website at:

You can also purchase an ebook version from Amazon.

Pine Gate Mindfulness Community

Ian Prattis Pine Gate Mindfulness CommunityPine Gate is a Zen Buddhist community practicing Engaged Buddhism inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama and Sulak Sivaraksa. It has created an engaged expression for peace, social justice and planetary care in the community.

Learn More youtube

Ian Prattis Friends for Peace

Friends for Peace

Friends for Peace Canada is a coalition of groups working for peace, planetary care and social justice by promoting these ideas within our communities and around the globe.

Learn More

Ian Prattis is an Author, Poet, Professor Emeritus, Founder of Friends for Peace and Spiritual Warrior for Planetary Care, Peace and Social Justice.

Zen teacher since 1997, he offers retreats and public talks all over the world. Ian encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed.

Lilian White’s Book “In Love’s Time” Garners Critical Acclaim

Lilian WhiteLilian White has 10 years of authorship experience. She has expertise in creative writing, marketing and writing reviews on other works. Her writing resulted in the documentary “Leathers from Hell.” Her published novels “Emmanuel” and “In Love’s Time” have digital versions that are being offered to publishers in India. She is continuing to write contemporary and historical romance, and also published a sci-fi/fantasy book last year. She intends to further her global presence. Ms. White separates herself from other novelists through her ability to write captivating stories in any genre.

“When I write, I always think of my readers and try to take them on the adventure of their life,” Ms. White explains. “Passion just oozes through me for my craft because I want to bring to readers a unique and entertaining experience, a great escape from their normal routines. I wish to thank them for their support, and I hope they continue reading my novels. I also wish to thank everyone associated with my career. People such as David Mayne, Robert Fletcher of SBPRA and his staff, the literary agent that told him about me, and my family, and Gary. Each in their own way, these people have supported me through the highs and the lows of my career. At times, they gave me the courage to continue writing when I thought I’d never succeed. They are very special to me!”

Lilian White BookMs. White was raised in Queensland, and has also lived in Penang and New Zealand. In the 1990s, she worked through a recruiting agency for the health department, the education department, the cancer research department, and the statistician’s office in Brisbane. She also worked in other areas; she was a nurse and an English tutor.

She has been successful because of hard work, application, discipline, pushing herself the extra mile, her literary agent, strategic work, and being good at marketing; she was once invited by a group of writers in London to help promote her work. She became involved in her profession because she had been writing a novel while living in Penang. When she moved back to Australia, she attended a playwriting class with Chris Van Roy, who offered to look at her work. She gave it to him, he liked it and said she should finish and publish it. Ms. White believes in treating other people the way that she would like to be treated herself. She feels that family is a critical component to a person’s well-being, and she feels strongly about lending support to orphans.

Ms. White’s passion for writing took her to college and to university seeking more knowledge. She earned a Graduate Certificate in Arts (Creative Writing) from QUT, having also earned a Certificate of Achievement from IML, JCU, and a Diploma from The Writing School at Mona Vale. She was also educated at Our Lady of Good Counsel College.

She has won numerous awards and honors, among them: a Letter from Lady-in-Waiting to H.R.H. from The Princess of Wales at Buckingham Palace (1986); a Certificate of Achievement from the Institute of Modern Languages at James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland; Merit Award Certificates; and two honorable mentions in the News Digest International.

In recognition of all her achievements, she was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding. She also maintains affiliations with the Book Publishers’ Association of America and LinkedIn Writers’ Groups. She supports Feed the Homeless.

Ms. White’s novels can be viewed at,, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and bookstores throughout the United States, and Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing Co., now wants to introduce Lilian’s novels into bookstores throughout Australia. He hopes book buyers will contact Andrew Bayer at

Kimberly Kaplan Demonstrates Expertise as a Novelist, Screenwriter and Writer

Kimberly KaplanServing for more than two decades as a freelance writer, Kimberly Kaplan has written seven books, four of which have been published as e-books. Of those that are published, two are based on Autism, one is a children’s fantasy story, and the last is the story of smuggling children out of a Warsaw ghetto during WWII. Ms. Kaplan has also written 13 screenplays. She has been credited on two complete features; one is distributed on iTunes and Amazon, called “Don’t Fall Asleep” and the other is called “Safe Word.”

Looking back, Ms. Kaplan attributes her success to her extremely qualified mentors, as well as inspiration from her son and her knowledge of autism. She became involved in her profession because her mother started writing in the 1980′s and that inspired her. She attended graduate school for theater, but had a story in her head that kept begging to be written. She ended up working part time, so that she could write, and her career has taken off ever since. Among her most challenging achievements was writing and filming “Autism and Cake,” a short film starring Ed Asner.

"Two Years of Autism Blogs Featured on Helpful Information and Anecdotes: All Things Autism" by Kimberly KaplanMs. Kaplan received a Master of Arts in mathematics and theater from Binghamton University, State University of New York. She was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the InkTip, Talentville, LLC, Blacklist, Women in Film, the National Honor Society, and International Screenwriters Association. In recognition of her skill, she has been named as a three-time finalist of Steve Lopez’s Novel Writing Contest and a semi-finalist in a script writing contest for “Warsaw.” In five years, Ms. Kaplan hopes to have a screenplay or two purchased, to continue to publish her books, and always volunteer, talk about, and advocate for autism.

Check out the short film “Autism and Cake” below, produced
by Ms. Kaplan and featuring the talented Ed Asner.

For more information about Ms. Kaplan, visit

Daryl R. Smith Pens “A Quiet Night in June”

Daryl R. SmithDaryl R. Smith is a well-known author who specializes in non-fiction material, particularly poetry and writings which emphasize life and the spirituality of life. Throughout his illustrious career, he spent a total of 36 years in education; 16 of which were spent as a teacher and the other two decades as a school principal. Prior to his retirement from the education industry, Mr. Smith began working as an author. He founded his company, Daryl Smith Publications, in 2010. Drawing on the company philosophy to “write from the heart, give from the heart,” a portion of all proceeds from book sales are donated to charity. Mr. Smith published his first book, “A Quiet Night in June” in 2013. His second book, “Touching Heaven,” is scheduled for release in the latter portion of 2014.

As president of his company, Mr. Smith writes and edits books, manages communications, handles strategic planning, and oversees public relations and publicity, as well as budgeting and bookkeeping. He holds an education specialist degree and a master’s degree in education from Ball State University, a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Anderson University, and certifications as  training consultant and Indiana teaching and school administrator.

"A Quiet Night in June" by Daryl R. SmithRecognized as a leader in his field, Mr. Smith has garnered several awards. He is the recipient of the Candice Stone award from Anderson University, was named an Outstanding Young Educator by Jaycees of Alexandria, and earned the United Way volunteer award from Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. He was also inducted into Alpha Chi and Pi Gamma Mu Honor Societies. After his inclusion into Worldwide Branding, Mr. Smith was selected as an Outstanding VIP member in 2013. He feels his successes can be most aptly attributed to his perseverance.

Mr. Smith is professionally affiliated with Newton-Rockdale Writers, Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Small Publishers Artists and Writers Network, Academy of American Poets, and National Writers Association. He is also charitably involved with United Way Worldwide and Habitat for Humanity International.

For more information about Daryl Smith Publications, please visit his website.

Danny Bynum Enthralls Readers with “Handsome Killer” with B.J. Loft as his Moniker

Danny BynumUnder the pseudonym B.J. Loft, Danny Bynum has brought to vivid life a world of romance, betrayal and murder. He made his debut with the novel “The North Point Boys,” a suspenseful story of a small town murder trial and a group of lifelong friends who take justice into their own hands to protect one of their own. He built upon the success of his first offering by switching gears with “The Libra Trust,” a piece of women’s fiction. Chronicling the loves and heartaches of the Morgan triplets, this dramatic tale shows just how far sisters will go for one another. His latest book, “Handsome Killer,” is the story of a young man who had the potential to go to college, but a disaster in his life changed him.

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Bynum imbues his fiction with the richness of real-life experience.  While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Mr. Bynum was chosen along with two other airmen to lower the flag to half staff on the day President Kennedy was assassinated. A year later, he received a certificate for providing security for President Lyndon Johnson upon his visit to Edwards.

"Handsome Killer" by BJ LoftAfter his stint with the USAF, Mr. Bynum worked for 27 years for the Department of the Army as a general supply specialist and munitions specialist, strategically placing munitions, searching for items in short supply and conducting briefings on weapons and munitions. During Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield, he worked long hours coordinating with logisticians on site to ensure that troops had the ammunition they needed.  For his participation, he received recognition in the form of a command symbol engraved on marble — one of 23 honors he received over the course of his career.  In 2013, he received a Patriot of the Year certificate to commemorate his contributions to Help Hospitalized Veterans.

Mr. Bynum has been a member of The American Legion for the last 30 years. He has been a member of the Midwest Writing Center in Davenport, Iowa for nine years.

Mr. Bynum, since retiring from the Department of the Army, has focused his energies on writing, an activity for which he has harbored a lifelong passion. He completed four novel writing workshops, as well as the American Writers & Artists Institute’s course on romance writing.

For more information about Mr. Bynum and his books, please click here

Worldwide Branding Member Pens Novel, Helps Raise $6 Million for Charity in Spare Time

Nancy WeeksWith nearly five years of practiced language and writing experience, Nancy Weeks has found professional success as an author under the pseudonym Elizabeth Washburn. She recently published her first book titled “Scream for Me,” which is the start of a series. She especially enjoys writing thrillers and mysteries involving the FBI and local police forces. In addition to writing novels, Ms. Weeks volunteers for several organizations, including the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Center and Susan G. Komen, for which she helped raise $6 million.

"Scream for Me" by Elizabeth WashburnMs. Weeks shines in her field due to a combination of her prior industry experiences and her educational background. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and early childhood education. Just recently, she was inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Paper Mill Playhouse and Integrity House. Looking ahead, Ms. Weeks hopes to have published at least 10 books in her series.

In “Scream for Me,” a female detective finds herself in a horrific situation when she is assigned to the case of a serial killer, who is also a local resident. Click here to read more!

“Scream for Me” is also available for purchase on

Heather Mesaric Consoles Victims of Abuse with “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.”

Heather MesaricFor more than three decades, Heather Mesaric has committed herself to aiding sexually abused and troubled individuals overcome hardship and find empowerment. The author of “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.,” she uses strategies outlined in this book to work with children, adolescents, and adults in need of healing and survival guidance. Her book is now used by many other professionals as well.

A survivor of physical and sexual abuse herself, Ms. Mesaric is acutely aware of the needs of children and adolescents suffering this kind of mistreatment. Her insight into these matters makes her a valuable counselor and confidant, and it has allowed her to run the successful online organization Time to HEAL.

“HEAL” is an acronym for “helping, education, answering, learning,” the areas in which Ms. Mesaric focuses her work.

Heather Mesaric - Its Time to HEALAt the moment, she works in a school system for troubled youth, writes books that encourage empowerment and healing, and assists specialized agencies in providing the best possible services to those seeking them. Ms. Mesaric’s goals are to expand her private business as an author and begin doing motivational speaking. There is nothing more gratifying to her than when s he sees herself bringing empowerment and change to an individual, and helping them rediscover their potential and go after their dreams.

For more information, visit the Time to HEAL website: