Optimistic Author Julie Vincent Acknowledges Light at the End of the Tunnel in “Travels Within”

Julie VincentThe art and poetry presented in “Travels Within” was inspired in a time when Julie Vincent had been enduring her own personal trials and tribulations, and she was extremely distressed. After having escaped domestic violence, and being embroiled in a battle over housing and her children, she felt isolated, pessimistic and even suicidal. Through it all, she was still fervently committed to and excited by the research she was conducting and the opportunity it presented. It was through this that the art and poetry she was able to create came to be.

From PRWeb:

“Travels Within” (published by Xlibris AU) explores Vincent’s intimate journey of completing her doctoral degree while escaping domestic violence. This involved a monumental struggle for her existence. She considered it as a very dark time, but as Vincent was researching the journeys of people who were in or who had been through their own dark times, it was also a time of exploration of her own and others’ internal turmoil.

This book captures the effect of domestic violence and a history of child sexual abuse on mental health. It travels through the emotional pain of grief, loss, depression, suicide, despair and hopelessness to discover in the face of these difficulties, treasures like strength, hope and light.

“What I hope people find in “Travels Within” is inspiration for their own journey; to not be afraid of the dark times. Even in the dark times, though you may not yet see it, there is a hope, and a future,” says the author.

Julie Vincent - Travels WithinJulie Vincent is an artist, poet, singer, song writer, academic and given the opportunity, a performer. She finished her PhD in Social Theory on mental health service delivery at the University of Melbourne and travelled the world creating art and poetry as she went. She came back and travelled across the top end, camping and creating songs, poems and art works en route. She lectured at Newcastle University for a couple of years and volunteered in orphanages in India and a health project in Uganda and attended the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2008 she was in an accident that nearly killed her and changed her life. She had a spiritual experience and married an Aboriginal man. She has found herself in Alice Springs volunteering with indigenous kids.

Sue Boatright Provides Comfort and Guidance for Readers Suffering from Romantic Breakups with “Yours Truly”

Sue BoatrightSue Boatright has been enjoying an exciting career in the publishing industry. The author of Yours Truly, which was released in 2009 by Tate Publishing, has spent five years as a published author, and is proud to have embarked on a professional journey as a writer which has led her down a path of success after making a decision to pursue her longstanding love of writing.

Ms. Boatright was inspired to become an author by the encouragement she received from her college professors, who often remarked upon the quality of her work. Today, Ms. Boatright’s writing falls into the Christian romance fiction genre, and she feels her success in the profession is due to her strong faith in God, as well as the support of her family. Yours Truly explores the decisions that one woman must make after the untimely demise of a relationship with a man in whom she fully invested, emotionally and spiritually.

'Yours Truly' by Sue BoatrightFrom her website:

“In ‘Yours Truly,’ the inspiring novel by new author Sue Boatright, Patricia Covington must deal with this very situation. Unable to face family and friends after her fiance suddenly marries someone else, she heads for her deceased grandparents’ cottage beside a secluded lake in Wyoming. There she finds an anonymous note signed Yours Truly. At first, the mysterious notes and the letters that follow from Yours Truly seem threatening, but they eventually bring comfort and guidance to her life. Completely caught off guard, Patricia, although wanting to turn her back on God and her Christian upbringing, finds it impossible to run from Him. Homesick and with no friends her own age, will Patricia find the strength to turn back to God? Can she submit to God’s will and find He has much more in store for her than she ever planned for herself.”

Ms. Boatright’s book is available on tatepublishing.com, amazon.com and abebooks.com.

Joan E. Rowlands Looks to Complete her Memoirs and Garners Recognition from “Voluntary Exiles”

Joan RowlandsRecognized for almost three decades of invaluable contributions to her field, Joan E. Rowlands has found professional success as an author. In 2000, she published a biography about her parents, who were missionaries, titled, “Voluntary Exiles: From Tamatave to Peking.” Ms. Rowlands is currently writing her memoirs, which will cover her life span of 92 years and counting. In it, she will talk about her own life, as well as those of her parents and other distant relatives dating back to the 1800’s.

"Voluntary Exiles: From Tamatave to Peking" by Joan RowlandsA former medical practitioner, Ms. Rowlands was required to write in order to document cases. She retired in 1986, in order to focus on writing short stories and poems. A brilliant illustration of excellence in her field, she stands out as a result of her prior experiences in the industry and her educational background, which includes an MD from the University of Edinburgh and a diploma in public health from the University of Sydney. In recognition of her amazing accomplishments, she was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Order of Australia. Looking forward, Ms. Rowlands aims to complete her memoirs and continue publishing more short stories and poetry.

Toula Gordillo Encourages Parents, Teachers and Counsellors to Talk to Teens and Pre-Teens with Poignant Series

Toula GordilloToula Gordillo serves as a clinical psychologist and as head of a company called “Talk to Teens” through which she has produced a range of books, audiobooks, handouts/posters, and the celebrated R.A.F.T Program (Resilience and Flourishing for Teens and Pre-teens).  These materials are part of the “Talk to Teens” Series.

Ms. Gordillo strives to let parents, teachers and counselors know about the information offered through the items; they are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution-Focused Therapy, and Positive Psychology.  The material that Ms. Gordillo has produced is the result of working with children, youth and families in an educational/counseling context for 20 years, as well as her personal experience as the parent of three teenage children.

Books Written by Toula Gordillo - "Talk to Teens Series™"

Books Written by Toula Gordillo – “Talk to Teens Series™”

Ms. Gordillo is the author of the following books:

Ms. Gordillo makes every effort to help improve resilience, reduce behavioral/mental health problems in children ranging in age from approximately 9 through 14, and her books serve as positive tools for enhancement.

Website: www.talktoteens.com.au
Phone: 0424 834344
Email:   admin@talktoteens.com.au
Postal Address: PO Box 1557 Buddina Qld 4575 Australia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Talk-to-Teens/1415243738698450

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Christopher J. Holcroft Releases Moving Tome To Challenge Us On The Afterlife

'One Last Concert' by Christopher HolcroftA boys and youth choir is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The choir heads  to the airport on their way to Australia from a village in the United Kingdom when their trip turns into a national disaster – leaving the boys trapped in a spiritual limbo on Earth.

Christopher J. HolcroftOver time, the church where the choir used to sing and practice is sold after a number of boys’ parents and other parishioners stop attending services and move out of the district.

A young couple buy the defunct church and turn it into a work space for a record company. The choir teams up with the young couple to hold one last concert for the boys’ parents before they move on in their spiritual journey.

One Last Concert  explores life after death and how those still on Earth can help others spiritually trapped here to find the light and move on.

Mr. Holcoft is the author of the following books:

1. Only The Brave Dare
2. Canyon
3. A Rite Of Passage
4. Finding Thomas
5. One Last Concert

Mr. Holcroft’s books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Angus and Robertson, Fishpond and good book stores in both paperback and e-book formats.

Books Authored by Christopher Holcroft

Christine Brown Helps Readers Triumph Over Tragedy with ‘In Just a Split Second’

'It Could Happen to You' by Christine BrownChristine Brown is the author of “In Just a Split Second,” a book that helps people to cope with the sudden and tragic loss of a loved one.

“In Just a Split Second” begins with the excited anticipation of a long-awaited dream. With their three boys and other self-selected parental obligations finally behind them, Tom and Chris Brown were looking forward to a comfortable retirement—enjoying a wonderful southern California home to themselves, entertaining adult friends and acquaintances, which they loved to do, traveling to exotic destinations, and deciding what to pursue by choice, not by commitment.

After drawn into the dream early in the book, the reader is suddenly plunged into Chris Brown’s shock, disbelief, and confusion caused by an instantaneous turn of fate. In the blink of an eye, her husband died unexpectedly prior to a simple 45-minute outpatient procedure. Chris’s life plummeted instantly from dream to nightmare.

After weeks, months, even years of confusion, all the time harboring the feeling that something was terribly wrong, Chris relentlessly investigated Tom’s death to uncover the truth. Her husband never should have died but was the victim of negligent medical malpractice.

Over the next five years, Chris persisted and prevailed through a high-profile lawsuit. More importantly, she endured the morass of discovering and locating the legal documents needed in the case of a lost loved one. As a result, she offers a book that identifies the mountain of documents that one needs in such a case to help those in similar circumstances or to help prepare people for the inevitable trauma that everyone faces.*

Worldwide Branding Member Christine Brown

Worldwide Branding Member Christine Brown

Ms. Brown also does public speaking on the subject of traumatic death. Her workshops cover preparation and document preparation, and dealing with the loss and bereavement process. Previously, Ms. Brown endured the hardship of a sudden, tragic death of someone close to her. She authored “In Just A Split Second” in order to assist any woman or man who is faced with legal and end-of-life issues. The book is designed to help individuals to identify with others, minimize the confusion during a very chaotic time, and take concrete steps to move their lives forward — particularly when they are confronted with the feeling that there is no reason to go on. Ms. Brown endeavors to provide insight, and hopefully prevent the devastating turmoil that results from tragic loss.

*Excerpt taken from http://www.injustasplitsecond.com.

Real-Life Parent and Teacher JN Taylor Offers Tips and Tricks to those Raising Children in “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting”

Julie Taylor Book Signing

Author and Worldwide Branding Member JN Taylor at a book signing for “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting”

Julie N. Taylor is the author of “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting,” a book that examines the world of parenting, and offers tips and tricks for moms and dads who could use some advice about child behavior, homework help, and planning for a prosperous future for a blossoming brood. A teacher and a parent, Ms. Taylor specializes in both areas, and identifies with those that are invested in connecting with their children in nurturing and enlightening ways. In her book, she offers offers insight into the often complex world of parenting, and the many ways that parents can pique their children’s interests and help them grow in harmony with a flourishing family.

Julie Taylor fans reading Author and Worldwide Branding Member JN Taylor at a book signing for “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn't: A Teacher's Guide to Healthy Parenting”Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Ms. Taylor regularly teaches children how to socialize and work with their peers, and to be cooperative and orderly. She also shows them how to concentrate, coordinate, focus, show respect, become independent leaders, and demonstrate a sense of care about themselves, and their schoolwork. As a teacher, she also helps children to learn routines and skills that will assist them in their school subjects and throughout adulthood and in their future job positions, to develop a love for what they do, interest and hobbies. Her strong teaching background has helped her over the years to serve as a wonderful parent and coach to other moms and dads, and she is passionate about helping parents around the nation to build and maintain balanced family lives.

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn't: A Teacher's Guide to Healthy Parenting" by JN Taylor

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting” by JN Taylor

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting” gives information to parents on the following topics:

  • Nutrition and fitness for children
  • Children’s growth and development
  • Mental, physical and social health for young students
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Communicating with teachers
  • Building and constructing a behavior chart

In addition to these rich and abundant resources that will help attentive parents to give their child the means for success that they deserve, there are additional topics listed in the table of contents for quick access when there is a need for assistance. The petite and easy-to-carry book can be placed on a bookshelf until the next time it is needed, or easily tucked into a diaper bag or purse for quick reading.

JN Taylor contact information