Real Estate Business: Are we in a Property Bubble?

real estate signIs Australia in the midst of a property bubble? According to the banking industry, record low interest rates in Australia haven’t led to a property bubble. The Australian Bankers’ Association recently released a report, Key truths on housing in Australia, which looks at the changes in house prices over the past quarter of a century.

“Our analysis shows that the recent rise of house prices in Australia is not unusual when compared with historical trends, and the current house price growth has not exceeded the peak rates we saw before the global financial crisis,” says association CEO Steven Münchenberg.

The association says Australia has recorded solid increases in both nominal and real house prices since the GFC but has not been the strongest market in global terms. In fact, Australian property prices rank well down on a global scale, according to the report. After adjustment for inflation, rises in Australia have ranked behind Hong Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Canada.

“Since the GFC, volatility in prices has increased, with two periods of quite marked national declines in prices followed by strong rebounds,” says Münchenberg. “Much of the recent focus has been on strong house price growth in Sydney, but over the past ten years the price increase in Sydney is unremarkable when compared to other capital cities.”

Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank is struggling to manage the two-speed economy while the government fails to lift productivity and cut unemployment. With Australia facing the highest unemployment rate in 12½ years, slumping business spending and deflation spreading around the globe, more RBA stimulus would seem in order. However, with many Australian housing markets reaching unaffordable levels, reducing rates will only exacerbate this further.

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Redemption and Trailing Sky are HOT

Ian Prattis Redemption Song


Ian Prattis - "Trailing Sky Six Feathers" and "Redemption Song"“Melancholy Memory, Brilliant Novel”

A melancholy memory turns out to be the catalyst for an almost forgotten yet brilliant Xlibris novel. Author Ian Prattis stumbles upon this overlooked treasure – a story nearly four decades in hiding but remains as relevant as it was first conceived.

He recounts here on the Xlibris Blog the bittersweet recollection so surreal he still couldn’t believe his good fortune…

Read more of Part 1 of this recollection on the Xlibiris Blog — Part 1

You can also read Part 2 of this recollection on the Xlibiris Blog — Part 2
(A link to Part 2 can also be found at the end of Part 1)

Trailing Sky Six Feathers Screenwriter’s Recommendation

Trailing Sky Six Feathers by Ian Prattis is the tremendous story of Ian’s modern day spiritual awakening and discovery of his past life as Native American Eagle Speaker during the 18th century. Only through the intervention of his spirit wife Trailing Sky is Ian able to defeat his past vices and personal struggles to become the man he is today…

Read more of this Screenwriter’s Recommendation on my blog online at:

Clannad’s “I Will Find You” meets Trailing Sky…

Clannad’s beautiful ballad “I Will Find You” was the theme song for the box office hit – “Last of the Mohicans” starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe. This 1992 historical epic film was based on James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel.

“No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a long, long time.

No matter where you go, I will find you

If it takes a thousand years.”

This haunting love song is reminiscent of an epic moment in my new book…

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Xlibris Radio Podcast Interview for Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

Xilibris Radio Podcast Interview from Oct 19, 2014:
Please click here to download the podcast interview in mp3 format to listen to on your computer or tablet.

Spotlight on Trailing Sky

Spiritual awakening is needed to ensure survival, author says

Ian Prattis shares personal journey, advocates about spiritual awakening, empowerment in new book

Read the entire press release here:

A Tale of Two Books

I recently offered a talk on my two books published this year – Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse and Redemption – beginning with an excerpt from the Blue Ink Review of the first one.

“In this spiritual exploration, a highly educated man becomes a humble seeker, works painstakingly through the events of two fascinating lifetimes, and emerges with a message for humankind.…

Read more of this post on my blog online at:

Purchase Options for Redemption:

You can buy Redemption in any of the following ways:

An Autographed Softcover Version is available by visiting my website’s Redemption Page. On that page, scroll down and click on the ORDER BOOK tab.

Located on the ORDER BOOK tab are also options for ordering Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book versions of Redemption from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publsiher, Xlibris! To make things simpler here are the links:

XLIBRIS: Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book

AMAZON: Hardcover
AMAZON: Paperback

Barnes & Noble
BARNES & NOBLE: Hardcover
BARNES & NOBLE: Paperback

On the website you can also find more information about the book
and the author, Ian Prattis.

Purchase Options for Trailing Sky Six Feathers:

You can buy my new book, Trailing Sky Six Feathers in any of the following ways:

An Autographed Softcover Version is available by visiting my website’s Trailing Sky Six Feathers Page. On that page, scroll down and click on the ORDER BOOK tab.

Located on the ORDER BOOK tab are also options for ordering Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book versions of Trailing Sky Six Feathers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publsiher, Xlibris! To make things simpler here are the links:

XLIBRIS: Hardcover, Softcover and E-Book

AMAZON: Hardcover and Softcover

Barnes & Noble
BARNES & NOBLE: Hardcover and Softcover

On the website you can also find more information about the book
and the author, Ian Prattis.

Ian Prattis - Pine Gate Mindfulness CommunityPine Gate Mindfulness Community

 Pine Gate is a Zen Buddhist community practicing Engaged Buddhism inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh, the Dalai Lama and Sulak Sivaraksa. It has created an engaged expression for peace, social justice and planetary care in the community.

Ian Prattis - Friends for PeaceFriends for Peace

 Friends for Peace Canada is a coalition of groups working for peace, planetary care and social justice by promoting these ideas within our communities and around the globe.

Ian Prattis is an Author, Poet, Professor Emeritus, Founder of Friends for Peace and Spiritual Warrior for Planetary Care, Peace and Social Justice.

Zen teacher since 1997, he offers retreats and public talks all over the world. Ian encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the planet may be renewed.

Kevin O’Donnell Brings Passion and Perspective to the Legal Field with “Tales from the Oldest Profession”

Kevin O'DonnellAs a practicing lawyer, Kevin O’Donnell had 43 years of law experience in the commercial transactions legal field. In his new, current writing role of a year, he has developed extensive knowledge in published works about people in comical situations. His work now is spending two to three days a week catching up with friends, writing a novel and articles for a newspaper, and developing plots for three or four books.

"Tales from the Oldest Profession" by Kevin O'DonnellMr. O’Donnell just finished writing “Tales from the Oldest Profession,” which is a novel about the law. He believes that law is, in fact, the oldest profession. Even in the most primitive society, there were rules, so people had to administer them and comply with contracts and agreements. His writing is about incidents, stories and characters that have derived from his years in the legal field. He is working on several more articles and books.

Kimberly Kaplan Demonstrates Expertise as a Novelist, Screenwriter and Writer

Kimberly KaplanServing for more than two decades as a freelance writer, Kimberly Kaplan has written seven books, four of which have been published as e-books. Of those that are published, two are based on Autism, one is a children’s fantasy story, and the last is the story of smuggling children out of a Warsaw ghetto during WWII. Ms. Kaplan has also written 13 screenplays. She has been credited on two complete features; one is distributed on iTunes and Amazon, called “Don’t Fall Asleep” and the other is called “Safe Word.”

Looking back, Ms. Kaplan attributes her success to her extremely qualified mentors, as well as inspiration from her son and her knowledge of autism. She became involved in her profession because her mother started writing in the 1980′s and that inspired her. She attended graduate school for theater, but had a story in her head that kept begging to be written. She ended up working part time, so that she could write, and her career has taken off ever since. Among her most challenging achievements was writing and filming “Autism and Cake,” a short film starring Ed Asner.

"Two Years of Autism Blogs Featured on Helpful Information and Anecdotes: All Things Autism" by Kimberly KaplanMs. Kaplan received a Master of Arts in mathematics and theater from Binghamton University, State University of New York. She was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the InkTip, Talentville, LLC, Blacklist, Women in Film, the National Honor Society, and International Screenwriters Association. In recognition of her skill, she has been named as a three-time finalist of Steve Lopez’s Novel Writing Contest and a semi-finalist in a script writing contest for “Warsaw.” In five years, Ms. Kaplan hopes to have a screenplay or two purchased, to continue to publish her books, and always volunteer, talk about, and advocate for autism.

Check out the short film “Autism and Cake” below, produced
by Ms. Kaplan and featuring the talented Ed Asner.

For more information about Ms. Kaplan, visit

Sue Boatright Provides Comfort and Guidance for Readers Suffering from Romantic Breakups with “Yours Truly”

Sue BoatrightSue Boatright has been enjoying an exciting career in the publishing industry. The author of Yours Truly, which was released in 2009 by Tate Publishing, has spent five years as a published author, and is proud to have embarked on a professional journey as a writer which has led her down a path of success after making a decision to pursue her longstanding love of writing.

Ms. Boatright was inspired to become an author by the encouragement she received from her college professors, who often remarked upon the quality of her work. Today, Ms. Boatright’s writing falls into the Christian romance fiction genre, and she feels her success in the profession is due to her strong faith in God, as well as the support of her family. Yours Truly explores the decisions that one woman must make after the untimely demise of a relationship with a man in whom she fully invested, emotionally and spiritually.

'Yours Truly' by Sue BoatrightFrom her website:

“In ‘Yours Truly,’ the inspiring novel by new author Sue Boatright, Patricia Covington must deal with this very situation. Unable to face family and friends after her fiance suddenly marries someone else, she heads for her deceased grandparents’ cottage beside a secluded lake in Wyoming. There she finds an anonymous note signed Yours Truly. At first, the mysterious notes and the letters that follow from Yours Truly seem threatening, but they eventually bring comfort and guidance to her life. Completely caught off guard, Patricia, although wanting to turn her back on God and her Christian upbringing, finds it impossible to run from Him. Homesick and with no friends her own age, will Patricia find the strength to turn back to God? Can she submit to God’s will and find He has much more in store for her than she ever planned for herself.”

Ms. Boatright’s book is available on, and

Find Empowerment with Susan Meitner’s New Book

Susan MeitnerDrawing on two decades of practiced experience in her field, Susan Meitner parlays her knowledge into her position with Centennial Lending Group, LLC, a mortgage banking company. For nearly five years, in her roles as chief executive officer, president and founder, she has overseen the daily operations of the entire company, including the management of 50 employees and 20 loan originators. Ms. Meitner is the author of “Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” which is the story of her career in the mortgage industry and covers the different roadblocks and obstacles she faced to become the success she is today.

“Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” by Susan Meitner

“Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” by Susan Meitner

Prior to joining Centennial, Ms. Meitner met a gentleman who introduced her to a position inside a national mortgage company, where she worked her way up from the bottom. She progressed in such positions as vice president, and eventually senior vice president, all while working as a loan originator. She excels in her field due to a unique blend of her prior industry experiences and educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Art in speech communications from George Mason University. She was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Mortgage Bankers Association. Throughout the course of her notable career, she has won a variety of awards, including the Best of Horsham award in 2009 and 2013. Ms. Meitner has been featured in “Philadelphia Magazine” as a Five-Star Professional for four consecutive years.  Inc. 5000 ranked Susan #3 in their Top Women in Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in 2014. In the same publication, her company was ranked #64 out of 500. She is currently licensed in eight states: PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, FL and CA. Looking toward the future, Ms. Meitner would like to grow along with Centennial Lending Group.

Ms. Meitner’s book, “Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success?” was released on September 19, 2014 through the website and on the Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes stores. The book was written as a “how-to guide for entrepreneurs,” and features Ms. Meitner’s years of wisdom condensed into one easy-to-read source. According to one of the book’s reviews, “Severe economic shock helps create a dramatic backdrop for this book. The author’s 22-year career is harshly disrupted by the housing and financial meltdown of 2008-09. Indeed, the depths of that economic turmoil coincide with the founding of Meitner’s company, a business based on lessons learned and risky, corner-cutting practices rejected. In building the new firm, Meitner gathered a core sales team and then lost most of it on the eve of start-up. In selecting her top-level manager, she found the nerve to revisit a burned bridge, offer apologies and secure a second-in-command whose traits and experience fit Centennial’s needs perfectly.”

Other reviews include:

“Crazy Lucky Girl is a go-to book for salespeople and managers alike. Sue Meitner shares the story of her journey, the lessons learned, and all her tricks to becoming a successful businessperson and topnotch salesperson. You’ll walk away knowing how to get what you want out of your business and your personal life!”

-Barbara Corcoran, SHARK on ABC hit show SHARK TANK

“Sue Meitner has created the number one book for all loan officers and managers in the mortgage world. Full of humor, warmth, and sage advice on a broad range of subjects from salesmanship to integrity. This is an important work to be read and reread until the pages are dog-eared and fading!  If everyone adhered to Susan Meitner’s principals we would not have created a mortgage crisis!”

-John M. Robbins CMB, Chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association 2007

“Having built several mortgage companies into national powerhouses, I know what it takes. After reading Crazy Lucky Girl, it’s clear Susan Meitner knows the keys as well. If you are looking for success in the mortgage business, look no further -  Read This Book!”

-Jack Daly, Author of Hyper Sales Growth and world renowned sales expert

For additional information regarding Centennial Lending Group, LLC, please visit

Heather Mesaric Consoles Victims of Abuse with “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.”

Heather MesaricFor more than three decades, Heather Mesaric has committed herself to aiding sexually abused and troubled individuals overcome hardship and find empowerment. The author of “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.,” she uses strategies outlined in this book to work with children, adolescents, and adults in need of healing and survival guidance. Her book is now used by many other professionals as well.

A survivor of physical and sexual abuse herself, Ms. Mesaric is acutely aware of the needs of children and adolescents suffering this kind of mistreatment. Her insight into these matters makes her a valuable counselor and confidant, and it has allowed her to run the successful online organization Time to HEAL.

“HEAL” is an acronym for “helping, education, answering, learning,” the areas in which Ms. Mesaric focuses her work.

Heather Mesaric - Its Time to HEALAt the moment, she works in a school system for troubled youth, writes books that encourage empowerment and healing, and assists specialized agencies in providing the best possible services to those seeking them. Ms. Mesaric’s goals are to expand her private business as an author and begin doing motivational speaking. There is nothing more gratifying to her than when s he sees herself bringing empowerment and change to an individual, and helping them rediscover their potential and go after their dreams.

For more information, visit the Time to HEAL website:

Sonia Crystella Publishes “Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity” in Nine Languages

Sonia CrystellaSonia Crystella, a renowned designer, recently published a book titled “Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity,” which was freshly pressed in nine languages. The overall theme of the book is longevity and anti-aging, through science, diet, and metaphysical issues.

In her book, Ms. Crystella explains why she was inspired to write it: “I had an audition at 55 years old for a TV commercial, for a 50- to 60-year-old part, and saw them [producers] laugh at me. [Someone] suggested I write about why I looked so young. It started me thinking about my journey. I was born sick and spent a large part of my childhood and early adulthood in bed. My immune system didn’t function well, although at the time we were not aware this was my problem, after all it was the 1950s. The doctors continued to fill me with drugs and antibiotics, my body’s defense system struggled to cope and eventually it took its toll on my physical and mental health. At 21 years old, after giving birth to my son, I had no option to change my diet and find away to reverse the damage done by drugs and multiple illnesses. I came to learn how to repair my body by alternative ways, the very ways that science is now telling us slows the aging process. I knew I had found a way to heal the cells and slow the ravages of aging. I needed to share my story so others could be inspired to heal themselves and stall the aging process with the knowledge I had come to learn over a 36-year period.”

Sonia Crystella - "Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity"Ms. Crystella summarizes the book by explaining, “In the next 15-plus years one in two people are likely to have cancer. Diet and environmental toxins are aging us and making us sick. Although many do not care about a very long life, they do care about their quality of life. Once we hit 50, the way we have lived our life will start to show if it hasn’t already. Remaining healthy as we go into our twilight years is paramount if we want to avoid cancers and dementia, along with many of the terrible cognitive illnesses most are facing.”

Looking back, Ms. Crystella attributes her success to her determination to heal herself, as well as her good eye for fashion. She became involved in her profession when she started sewing at the age of 7 and learned the manufacturing end of the business from a family friend in the industry. She was sick at a very young age and has been through a lot of illnesses that made her look deeper into natural healing, as the medicines that were given to her were not working. This is a way of life for her now, and she wants to share that with others. The most gratifying aspect of her career has been solving her own health issues and slowing the aging process as a result of utilizing natural health and wellness techniques. This, by far, has been her greatest achievement, as teaching others will bring even greater rewards.

Ms. Crystella was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Australian EpiGenetic Alliance. In years to come, Ms. Crystella plans to do motivational speaking and help others. She will be working on another book regarding the chemicals around us, as well as meditation processes.

For more information about Sonia Crystella Ltd, visit and

Author Renee Marie Smith Provides New Understanding for Real Estate Professionals to Achieve Harmonious and Balanced Work Lives with Book Series

"My Short Sale Guru's Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeowners" by Renee Marie Smith, Esq.Attorney Renee Smith has spent nearly two decades demonstrating her sophisticated skill set and talents within the real estate industry. She recently exhibited her particular savoir faire in real estate as the author of the “My Short Sale Guru’s Guide” book series, which is listed on, as host of Fox29 TV’s 2012 Short Sale Guru Show, and by instructing others at a host of continuing education courses which have been approved in Florida and Nevada since March of 2013, to train short sale agents.

In 2007, Ms. Smith opened her own real estate firm, and in 2009, she founded the statewide title company, Smith & Associates, to be an advocate for dislocated homeowners. She has counseled thousands of short sale participants. She has been a guest speaker at conventions around the country, as well as radio including KLAV 1230am radio’s four-part short sale seminar in Las Vegas. She is nationally published by numerous magazines and blogs including NAWRB’s “N”, Palm Beach Woman, and Women’s Council of Realtors PB quarterly. Ms. Smith was awarded the 2012 NAWRB Business Development Award and was invited to be on NAWRB’s Board of Directors for 2013.

"My Short Sale Guru's Guide for Real Estate Professionals To Empower and Invigorate Sales" by Renee Marie Smith, Esq.As president of the company, Ms. Smith works collaboratively with title companies, banks, and law firms to negotiate deeds and contracts for clients. With a breadth of knowledge and personal experience in short sales, she also authored two books through Guru Publishing Incorporated. Her books are entitled “My Short Sale Guru Guide to Healing and Financial Recovery for Discouraged Homeowners” and “Short Sale Guru Guide for Real Estate Professionals.” Drawing on her own mistakes and personal mishaps with real estate purchases, Ms. Smith also serves as a motivational speaker for prospective home owners and real estate agents. She aims to enable them to become comfortable in their decisions and, to gain insight as to which questions to ask. An expert in real estate law, she also assists clients in making good financial choices during the home buying process. In the coming years, Ms. Smith plans to expand her title business, release a new book, develop her public speaking format, and gain new business opportunities and relationships.

Ms. Smith is a member of Women’s Council of Realtors for Palm Beach County, a member of the Florida Bar Association, and a board chair for the National Association of Women Real Estate Brokers (NAWRB). In her free time, she enjoys writing and traveling.

Ms. Smith is shaping the short sale landscape and we expect to see her influence on the national estate industry to continue to increase.

For more information about Smith & Associates, Incorporated, visit Ms. Smith can also be reached via Twitter @mygurupublishes or @smithtitle.

Please click here if you are interested in learning more about Renee Marie Smith, Esq.