Beckie Butcher Supports Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients through her Writing

beckiebutcherHello, everybody. My name is Beckie Butcher. I was born and raised in Elgin, Il and am a 1982 graduate of Elgin High School. I graduated from Elgin Community College in 1997 with an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology and worked in various hospitals and laboratories. In 2007, I decided to leave the laboratory and pursue a career in Culinary Arts with hopes of opening my own catering business when I was stricken with a debilitating disease called chronic fatigue syndrome, a serious but seriously misunderstood disease.

mybattlewith_1In 2010, on the advice of a friend, I decided to share my story in a book entitled My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which made it to number five in the medical genre on Amazon. In the book, I share how upon referral from a friend how a unique method of chiropractic adjustment has offered me relief and taken me to a much better place. I am passionate about building tolerance for the disease as well as offering hope for a better life to those who suffer as well as those who care for them.

I have written a magazine article about life with CFS for Living Well Magazine. It was in last July’s issue. I have also given educational presentations about the reality of the disease as well as spoken on a local radio show. My website is and my blog is I can also be found of Thank you and have a great day.

July 2015 Edition of Living Well Magazine

Optimistic Author Julie Vincent Acknowledges Light at the End of the Tunnel in “Travels Within”

Julie VincentThe art and poetry presented in “Travels Within” was inspired in a time when Julie Vincent had been enduring her own personal trials and tribulations, and she was extremely distressed. After having escaped domestic violence, and being embroiled in a battle over housing and her children, she felt isolated, pessimistic and even suicidal. Through it all, she was still fervently committed to and excited by the research she was conducting and the opportunity it presented. It was through this that the art and poetry she was able to create came to be.

From PRWeb:

“Travels Within” (published by Xlibris AU) explores Vincent’s intimate journey of completing her doctoral degree while escaping domestic violence. This involved a monumental struggle for her existence. She considered it as a very dark time, but as Vincent was researching the journeys of people who were in or who had been through their own dark times, it was also a time of exploration of her own and others’ internal turmoil.

This book captures the effect of domestic violence and a history of child sexual abuse on mental health. It travels through the emotional pain of grief, loss, depression, suicide, despair and hopelessness to discover in the face of these difficulties, treasures like strength, hope and light.

“What I hope people find in “Travels Within” is inspiration for their own journey; to not be afraid of the dark times. Even in the dark times, though you may not yet see it, there is a hope, and a future,” says the author.

Julie Vincent - Travels WithinJulie Vincent is an artist, poet, singer, song writer, academic and given the opportunity, a performer. She finished her PhD in Social Theory on mental health service delivery at the University of Melbourne and travelled the world creating art and poetry as she went. She came back and travelled across the top end, camping and creating songs, poems and art works en route. She lectured at Newcastle University for a couple of years and volunteered in orphanages in India and a health project in Uganda and attended the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2008 she was in an accident that nearly killed her and changed her life. She had a spiritual experience and married an Aboriginal man. She has found herself in Alice Springs volunteering with indigenous kids.

Kimberly Kaplan Demonstrates Expertise as a Novelist, Screenwriter and Writer

Kimberly KaplanServing for more than two decades as a freelance writer, Kimberly Kaplan has written seven books, four of which have been published as e-books. Of those that are published, two are based on Autism, one is a children’s fantasy story, and the last is the story of smuggling children out of a Warsaw ghetto during WWII. Ms. Kaplan has also written 13 screenplays. She has been credited on two complete features; one is distributed on iTunes and Amazon, called “Don’t Fall Asleep” and the other is called “Safe Word.”

Looking back, Ms. Kaplan attributes her success to her extremely qualified mentors, as well as inspiration from her son and her knowledge of autism. She became involved in her profession because her mother started writing in the 1980′s and that inspired her. She attended graduate school for theater, but had a story in her head that kept begging to be written. She ended up working part time, so that she could write, and her career has taken off ever since. Among her most challenging achievements was writing and filming “Autism and Cake,” a short film starring Ed Asner.

"Two Years of Autism Blogs Featured on Helpful Information and Anecdotes: All Things Autism" by Kimberly KaplanMs. Kaplan received a Master of Arts in mathematics and theater from Binghamton University, State University of New York. She was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the InkTip, Talentville, LLC, Blacklist, Women in Film, the National Honor Society, and International Screenwriters Association. In recognition of her skill, she has been named as a three-time finalist of Steve Lopez’s Novel Writing Contest and a semi-finalist in a script writing contest for “Warsaw.” In five years, Ms. Kaplan hopes to have a screenplay or two purchased, to continue to publish her books, and always volunteer, talk about, and advocate for autism.

Check out the short film “Autism and Cake” below, produced
by Ms. Kaplan and featuring the talented Ed Asner.

For more information about Ms. Kaplan, visit

Heather Mesaric Consoles Victims of Abuse with “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.”

Heather MesaricFor more than three decades, Heather Mesaric has committed herself to aiding sexually abused and troubled individuals overcome hardship and find empowerment. The author of “It’s Time to H.E.A.L.,” she uses strategies outlined in this book to work with children, adolescents, and adults in need of healing and survival guidance. Her book is now used by many other professionals as well.

A survivor of physical and sexual abuse herself, Ms. Mesaric is acutely aware of the needs of children and adolescents suffering this kind of mistreatment. Her insight into these matters makes her a valuable counselor and confidant, and it has allowed her to run the successful online organization Time to HEAL.

“HEAL” is an acronym for “helping, education, answering, learning,” the areas in which Ms. Mesaric focuses her work.

Heather Mesaric - Its Time to HEALAt the moment, she works in a school system for troubled youth, writes books that encourage empowerment and healing, and assists specialized agencies in providing the best possible services to those seeking them. Ms. Mesaric’s goals are to expand her private business as an author and begin doing motivational speaking. There is nothing more gratifying to her than when s he sees herself bringing empowerment and change to an individual, and helping them rediscover their potential and go after their dreams.

For more information, visit the Time to HEAL website:

Sonia Crystella Publishes “Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity” in Nine Languages

Sonia CrystellaSonia Crystella, a renowned designer, recently published a book titled “Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity,” which was freshly pressed in nine languages. The overall theme of the book is longevity and anti-aging, through science, diet, and metaphysical issues.

In her book, Ms. Crystella explains why she was inspired to write it: “I had an audition at 55 years old for a TV commercial, for a 50- to 60-year-old part, and saw them [producers] laugh at me. [Someone] suggested I write about why I looked so young. It started me thinking about my journey. I was born sick and spent a large part of my childhood and early adulthood in bed. My immune system didn’t function well, although at the time we were not aware this was my problem, after all it was the 1950s. The doctors continued to fill me with drugs and antibiotics, my body’s defense system struggled to cope and eventually it took its toll on my physical and mental health. At 21 years old, after giving birth to my son, I had no option to change my diet and find away to reverse the damage done by drugs and multiple illnesses. I came to learn how to repair my body by alternative ways, the very ways that science is now telling us slows the aging process. I knew I had found a way to heal the cells and slow the ravages of aging. I needed to share my story so others could be inspired to heal themselves and stall the aging process with the knowledge I had come to learn over a 36-year period.”

Sonia Crystella - "Unlocking the Secrets to Longevity"Ms. Crystella summarizes the book by explaining, “In the next 15-plus years one in two people are likely to have cancer. Diet and environmental toxins are aging us and making us sick. Although many do not care about a very long life, they do care about their quality of life. Once we hit 50, the way we have lived our life will start to show if it hasn’t already. Remaining healthy as we go into our twilight years is paramount if we want to avoid cancers and dementia, along with many of the terrible cognitive illnesses most are facing.”

Looking back, Ms. Crystella attributes her success to her determination to heal herself, as well as her good eye for fashion. She became involved in her profession when she started sewing at the age of 7 and learned the manufacturing end of the business from a family friend in the industry. She was sick at a very young age and has been through a lot of illnesses that made her look deeper into natural healing, as the medicines that were given to her were not working. This is a way of life for her now, and she wants to share that with others. The most gratifying aspect of her career has been solving her own health issues and slowing the aging process as a result of utilizing natural health and wellness techniques. This, by far, has been her greatest achievement, as teaching others will bring even greater rewards.

Ms. Crystella was recently inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with the Australian EpiGenetic Alliance. In years to come, Ms. Crystella plans to do motivational speaking and help others. She will be working on another book regarding the chemicals around us, as well as meditation processes.

For more information about Sonia Crystella Ltd, visit and

Wendy Blanchard, M.S. Contributes to New Collaborative Tome Titled “SPARKS of Passions”

Wendy Blanchard - RX DiaryWendy Blanchard, M.S., is an author, teacher, speaker, and radio host, who shares her story of “Recovery, Rebirth, and Release,” from prescription drug addiction of 40 years. Ms. Blanchard hopes to guide, and inspire people by sharing her “Clean and Green Living, One Day at a Time” philosophy, and “Gl-Airy Free” (gluten/dairy free) recipes. She will also be sharing her resources, and successes, on how to manage pain without using addictive substances, through Functional, and Integrative Medicine.

Ms. Blanchard is also a contributor to the rousing and motivating upcoming tome, “SPARKS of Passions!” which is set to be released later this month. In this compilation of inspirational stories, written by a group of authors who have faced immense challenges in their lives, Ms. Blanchard discusses how she overcame her struggle with addiction, and shares encouraging advice for others who are looking for ways to cope with and overcome their own battles.

Wendy Blanchard, M.S.Ms. Blanchard has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who “for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in blogging and outreach.” She is also a member of BNI (Business Networking International) with the title of Motivational Speaker. Ms. Blanchard is a member of many professional women’s organizations including Professional Women’s Network, National Association of Professional Women, CEO Women’s Club, National Women’s In Network, Inc., and other professional organizations such as Fortune 100 Coaches Network, Addiction Recovery Professionals, and, where she writes a guest blog.

Ms. Blanchard shares her “Gl-Airy Free” recipes on The Rx Diaries, and on her new website, Blissfully Gl-Airy Free, at You can tune in to Ms. Blanchard’s radio show on on Thursday evenings, at 8pm, EST.

Contact Ms. Blanchard at to learn more about her “whole healthiness” philosophy for Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Michael Sichel Discloses Ways to Reverse Learning and Behavioral Disorders without Drugs in “Good News for the Alphabet Kids”

Michael Sichel, DO, NDWorldwide Branding member Michael Sichel, DO, ND is the author of a revolutionary and perceptive book which takes a discerning look at the range of childhood problems associated with behaviour, development and learning issues – ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD PDD, NOS, as well as Aspergers, Autism and Retts, which have collectively become known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Kids with ASD have been given the moniker “Alphabet Kids.”

“Modern medicine endeavours to help people who suffer from ADD ADHD & Autism with drugs like Ritalin, often in combination with psychiatric counselling. Neither of these reaches the core of the problem—internal physical dysfunction,” says Dr. Sichel.

“Good News for the Alphabet Kids” - by Michael Sichel, DO, ND

“Good News for the Alphabet Kids” – by Michael Sichel, DO, ND

In his book, “Good News for the Alphabet Kids,” Dr. Sichel takes an advanced glimpse into the influence that outside forces have on the group of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs that defend kids against germs and microorganisms on a daily basis, which, in turn, can lead to or hinder the prevention of ASD. According to Dr Archie Kalokerinos MB BS AOM, author of the foreword in “Good News for the Alphabet Kids,” the book “provides an overview of the many issues surrounding….all autistic spectrum disorders… This book encourages us to take a fresh look at the potential cumulative impact of diet, antibiotics and vaccination on the immune systems of our children…I find this book to be a balanced and educated consideration of issues that are vital to our children…” ASDs are not necessarily incurable. To learn more about how your child’s health can be restored naturally, please click here, visit, or read this blog.

Beckie S. Butcher to Begin Book Tour on August 4th, 2014

Beckie S. ButcherWorldwide Branding member and renowned author of 2005’s “Feeding The Flock,” and “My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (2012) Beckie S. Butcher will be commencing on a tour to give the nation additional insight as to her experiences as an author, and into her background.

Ms. Butcher, a former lab technician, is passionate about cooking, and her love of the culinary arts led her to publish her cookbook in 2005. Ms. Butcher also shares her intense and emotional journey of how the autoimmune disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome impacted her life from her first symptoms to the progress of her treatment and physical, spiritual and emotional recovery.

"My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2012)" by Beckie S. Butcher

“My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (2012) by Beckie S. Butcher

By sharing with others, she hopes to inspire others to seek help so they may lead better lives as well. She wants them to know there is hope.

Ms. Butcher can be spotted at the following showgrounds throughout her tour:

August 4 – Guest blogging at I’m Shelf-ish
August 5 - Interviewed at Blogher
August 7 – Interviewed at Examiner
August 8 – Guest blogging at She Writes
August 11 – Guest blogging at Plug Your Book
August 12 – Interviewed at Review From Here
August 14 – Guest blogging at Angie’s Diary
August 15 – Interviewed at Broowaha
August 19 – Interviewed at As the Pages Turn
August 20 – Guest blogging at Between the Covers
August 21 – Interviewed at Literal Exposure
August 25 – Interviewed at The Writer’s Life
August 26 – Guest blogging at The Book Rack
August 27 – Interviewed at Book Marketing Buzz
August 28 – Guest blogging at As the Page Turns
August 29 – Interviewed at Beyond the Books

If you would like to learn more about Beckie S. Butcher and how she overcame her battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, purchase her book now.

Real-Life Parent and Teacher JN Taylor Offers Tips and Tricks to those Raising Children in “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting”

Julie Taylor Book Signing

Author and Worldwide Branding Member JN Taylor at a book signing for “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting”

Julie N. Taylor is the author of “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting,” a book that examines the world of parenting, and offers tips and tricks for moms and dads who could use some advice about child behavior, homework help, and planning for a prosperous future for a blossoming brood. A teacher and a parent, Ms. Taylor specializes in both areas, and identifies with those that are invested in connecting with their children in nurturing and enlightening ways. In her book, she offers offers insight into the often complex world of parenting, and the many ways that parents can pique their children’s interests and help them grow in harmony with a flourishing family.

Julie Taylor fans reading Author and Worldwide Branding Member JN Taylor at a book signing for “The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn't: A Teacher's Guide to Healthy Parenting”Hailing from Anchorage, Alaska, Ms. Taylor regularly teaches children how to socialize and work with their peers, and to be cooperative and orderly. She also shows them how to concentrate, coordinate, focus, show respect, become independent leaders, and demonstrate a sense of care about themselves, and their schoolwork. As a teacher, she also helps children to learn routines and skills that will assist them in their school subjects and throughout adulthood and in their future job positions, to develop a love for what they do, interest and hobbies. Her strong teaching background has helped her over the years to serve as a wonderful parent and coach to other moms and dads, and she is passionate about helping parents around the nation to build and maintain balanced family lives.

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn't: A Teacher's Guide to Healthy Parenting" by JN Taylor

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting” by JN Taylor

“The Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child But Didn’t: A Teacher’s Guide to Healthy Parenting” gives information to parents on the following topics:

  • Nutrition and fitness for children
  • Children’s growth and development
  • Mental, physical and social health for young students
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Communicating with teachers
  • Building and constructing a behavior chart

In addition to these rich and abundant resources that will help attentive parents to give their child the means for success that they deserve, there are additional topics listed in the table of contents for quick access when there is a need for assistance. The petite and easy-to-carry book can be placed on a bookshelf until the next time it is needed, or easily tucked into a diaper bag or purse for quick reading.

JN Taylor contact information